MADZOOK Global Products and Lifestyle Services

     MADZOOK is lifestyle brand based on four pillars and eight characters. Joe and Joy Jekel have led a full life of experiences and on a true seekers journey. We consider ourselves warriors of the light and seek to open minds, hearts, and spirits around the world while sharing our academic knowledge, or specificity training in Western science and Eastern philosophy in a candid and open method. We offer our lifestyle coaching, fitness program design, and Worldly goods within our World Bazaar. Clothing, jewelry, inspirational, healthy, metaphysical, spiritual, humorous, comfortable, stylish, lifestyle, something we like and feel is worthy of sharing. We only sell it here if we would use it  wear it, or believe others would find any form of personal enhancement from it! 

     We woke up one day sold our personal training business, and set out to travel the World, and bring what we find back to our home the USA! We decided to focus our energy on self -improvement, and performance enhancements through being involved in human development. We wanted to learn, grow, and to help others along their own journey. We value reality and personal accountability through knowledge, wisdom of experiences, and discovery. We hope you like the results! Live life! Enjoy being YOU!